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Publisher of Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America, with educator resources



The South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) uses the power of stories to create belonging for more than 5.4 million South Asian Americans. SAADA’s archive, consisting of nearly 5,000 unique items, is the largest collection of South Asian American stories and materials, and used widely by academics, educators, artists, filmmakers, journalists, and students.

South Asian American stories are an integral part of the American story, yet little information is available to the public about these stories. SAADA’s work aims to bring these stories to light. Using primary artifacts directly from SAADA’s archive, our professional development workshops introduce participants to the rich history of South Asian Americans through the stories of incredible individuals and notable historical moments. Teachers will receive informational resources, lesson plans, and activities that they can use directly with their students.

SAADA’s work has been recognized with awards and support from the American Historical Association, Society of American Archivists, Mellon Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Institute of Museum and Library Services, among others. The organization has been highlighted by the New York Times, the Atlantic, NPR, and other national and international media. SAADA is working to create a future where each person’s story is valued and given the dignity and importance it deserves.

Both online and in-person professional development opportunities are available. To inquire, visit the SAADA website or contact SAADA directly (info@saada.org).

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