New Jersey AAPI History Map

Roots & Routes: Asian American Contributions in the Garden State

New Hersey AAPI History Map

Did you know that there were Asian Americans who enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War? Or that Asian Americans have a long history—over 250 years!—of engaging in solidarity and resistance in New Jersey?

We’ve been curious about our shared history too, and that’s why our team is thrilled to present this curated map showcasing the stories of Asian Americans who have helped shaped New Jersey. This AAPI Heritage Month, we’re giving away 1,000 copies to display in classrooms across the state. 

Map Profiles

The map features more than 25 descriptions of notable people, places, organizations, and events from across New Jersey. Visit the Map Profiles page to learn about each of them in more detail.

Coloring Pages

Students are invited to learn about Asian American contributions in New Jersey through these delightful coloring sheets featuring ten Asian American trailblazers and history makers

Lesson Plans

Teachers, we’ve got you covered with specially crafted lesson plans to bring these stories to life in K–12 classrooms. These resources aim to highlight Asian American representation, with an emphasis on the cultural and ethnic diversity within Asian American communities, as well as the role of Asian Americans in shaping New Jersey’s past and present. 

New lessons will be launched regularly starting in May 2024, so be sure to sign up for our email newsletters for each announcement!

The information compiled on this map was drawn from numerous sources. 
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