Our Work

We ensure that educators across New Jersey have access to high-quality resources and training.

Schools are critical centers for learning values, developing global citizens, and establishing normative practice—and they provide the best opportunity to address and prevent race-based intolerance, exclusion, prejudice, violence, and discrimination. 

By emphasizing the significant contributions of Asian Americans, children learn about the strength, resilience, and determination of Asian Americans throughout history. They see their Asian American peers in a new light instead of through the lens of pernicious stereotypes like the “perpetual foreigner” or “model minority.” When we expose Asian American children to role models that look like them and who come from similar backgrounds, we encourage them to see themselves as leaders and shapers in our board rooms and halls of power. 

Our mission is to ensure that educators have access to the highest-quality resources and training available, so that all public school students in New Jersey grow up understanding that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are part of the fabric of our nation, and all AAPI children know they matter and belong. 

By providing a one-stop resource, we empower districts and make it easier for educators to incorporate AAPI history and contributions into their everyday lesson plans.

It’s rare, after 20 years as an educator, to attend PD where you feel like you learned a lot. I definitely learned a lot that day!

— NJ Educator, TAAS Workshop Attendee, May 2023

Support for Educators

Apply for a Grant

Teach Asian American Stories is committed to supporting educators bring AAPI stories to life for their students across New Jersey. Please use this form to share some basic information about your funding request for projects in your classroom or school. Funding requests may include things like building out classroom libraries or offsetting the cost of a Professional Development workshop.


Check out our Resources page for curriculum guides, lesson plans, and more. 

View upcoming workshops or reach out to roslyne@teachasianamericanstories.org to schedule a workshop at your school or district.

Meet with Us to Learn How We Can Help

Each of NJ’s 600 school districts have individual needs and resources. TAAS directly supports teachers and schools by understanding each school’s needs and matching them with appropriate resources that meet them where they are.

Please get in touch for consultative services at no cost to you. Email roslyne@teachasianamericanstories.org or schedule a meeting.